Accused of Witchcraft 1620-1691

Witches presenting wax dolls to the devil

Witches presenting wax dolls to the devil, featured in The History of Witches and Wizards (1720)

A list of people accused of witchcraft in Massachusetts Bay by year. Other people were involved in defamation suits, without the word “witch” used in the court records, so they are not included here.

1648 Margaret Jones, Boston *HANGED for witchcraft
1648 Thomas Jones, Charlestown
1649 Hugh Parsons and wife Mary (Lewis) Parsons, Springfield
1649 Mary Oliver, Boston
1651 Mrs. Kendall, Cambridge
1651 Hugh Parsons and wife Mary (Lewis) Parsons, Springfield
1652 John Bradstreet, Rowley
1653 John Godfrey, Andover
1656 Ann Hibbins, Boston *HANGED for witchcraft
1656 Mary (Bliss) Parsons, Northampton
1657 Goody Batchelor
1657 Jane Hogg
1657 Anne Pope
1659 John Godfrey
1660 Winifred Holman and daughter Mary Holman, Cambridge
1665 John Godfrey
1667 Goodwife Batchelor
1669 Susannah (North) Martin, Salisbury
1673 Ann Edmonds
1675 Mary (Bliss) Parsons, Northampton
1679 Bridget (Playfer) (Wasselbe) Oliver, Salem
1679 Caleb Powell, Newbury
1679-1681 Elizabeth Morse, Newbury
1680 Margaret Gifford, Lynn
1680 Mary Hale, Boston
1683 James Fuller, Springfield
1683 Mary Webster, Hadley
1688 Goody Glover, Boston *HANGED for witchcraft

This is not a definitive list, since records have been lost.

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