Settled in 1655, separated from Salisbury in 1666, incorporated as a town in 1668.


Macy-Colby house c. 1894

Bartlett Museum, 270 Main Street. Artifacts and local history museum.

Golgotha Memorial, Route 110 Macy Street. A plaque listing the first settlers of Amesbury in 1654, including Susannah (North) Martin’s husband George (1618-1686), is located at the site of the first burying ground. The gravestones no longer exist, so it’s unknown who was buried here. Maintained by Amesbury Improvement Association.

Macy-Colby House, 257 Main Street. The wooden cradle used by Susannah (North) Martin’s children is displayed in the Communion room. Anthony Colby (1605-1661) and his descendants owned the house for 245 years. His son, Samuel Colby (c. 1639-1716), signed the Mary Bradbury petition. Maintained by Bartlett Cemetery Association.

Susannah (North) Martin house site, end of Martin Street. Plaque.

Union Cemetery, Route 110 Haverhill Road. From 1663 to present. Database of burials. Map of cemetery.


Amesbury Public Library, 149 Main Street. Local history collection.

Amesbury Treasures: partnership of 17 historic sites.

Online Books & Records

Burials in some cemeteries in the towns of Salisbury, Amesbury, and Merrimac, in Essex county, Massachusetts by Chester and Julia True (2007)

History of Amesbury, including the 17 years of Salisbury to the separation in 1654 and Merrimac from its incorporation in 1876 by Joseph Merrill (1880)

Old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts; with some related families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich and Hampton by David W. Hoyt (1897)