Parker Tavern, Reading, Massachusetts, MACRIS

Parker Tavern (1694), Reading, Massachusetts (MACRIS)

Settled in 1639 as Lynn Village, the town was incorporated as Reading in 1644. The first parish became the town of South Reading in 1812, which was renamed Wakefield in 1868. The second parish was formed by land added in 1651 north of the Ipswich river, which became the separate town of North Reading in 1853. The current town of Reading was known as the third parish or Wood End. This page includes Reading, Wakefield, and North Reading.


Laurel Hill Cemetery (1737), Lowell Street, Reading.

Old Burying Ground, Church Street, Wakefield. Burials include John Brown (1634-1717) who testified against Sarah Rice (d. 1698), constable John Parker (1668- 1741), and Rev. Jonathan Pierpont (1665-1709) who was minister of Reading in 1692.

Wakefield History Museum, 39 Prospect Street, Wakefield.


Flint Memorial Library, 147 Park Street, North Reading. Local history and genealogy information.

Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, 345 Main Street, Wakefield. Local history and genealogy information.

North Reading Historical and Antiquarian Society, 27 Bow Street, North Reading.

Reading Antiquarian Society, 103 Washington Street, Reading. Updates on Facebook.

Reading Public Library, 64 Middlesex Avenue, Reading. Digital Heritage collection.

Wakefield Historical Society, 39 Prospect Street, Wakefield.

Online Books & Records

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Vital records of Reading, Massachusetts, to year 1850

Vital records of Wakefield, Massachusetts, to the year 1850