Accused of Witchcraft 1692

Witches dancing with devils

Witches dancing with devils, featured in The History of Witches and Wizards (1720)

An alphabetical list of people accused of witchcraft in Massachusetts Bay, 1692.

Abbott, Arthur
Abbott, Nehemiah Jr.
Alden, John
Andrew, Daniel
Barker, Abigail
Barker, Mary
Barker, William Jr.
Barker, William Sr.
Bassett, Sarah
Bishop, Bridget
Bishop, Edward Jr.
Bishop, Sarah
Black, Mary
Bradbury, Mary
Bridges, Mary Jr.
Bridges, Mary Sr.
Bridges, Sarah
Bromage, Hannah
Buckley, Sarah
Burroughs, George
Carrier, Andrew
Carrier, Martha
Carrier, Richard
Carrier, Sarah
Carrier, Thomas Jr.
Carroll, Hannah
Carter, Bethiah Jr.
Carter, Bethiah Sr.
Cary, Elizabeth
Churchill, Sarah
Clark, Mary
Clinton, Rachel
Cloyce, Sarah
Cole, Sarah
Cole, Sarah
Colson, Elizabeth
Colson, Mary
Cory, Giles
Cory, Martha
Dane, Deliverance
Day, Phoebe
DeRich, Mary
Dicer, Elizabeth
Dike, Rebecca
Dolliver, Ann
Downing, Mehitable
Draper, Joseph
Dustin, Lydia
Dustin, Sarah
Eames, Daniel
Eames, Rebecca
Elwell, Esther
Emerson, Martha
Emmons, Joseph
English, Mary
English, Philip
Esty, Mary
Farrar, Thomas Sr.
Farrington, Edward
Faulkner, Abigail Jr.
Faulkner, Abigail Sr.
Faulkner, Dorothy
Flood, John
Fosdick, Elizabeth
Foster, Ann
Frost, Nicholas
Frye, Eunice
Good, Dorothy
Good, Sarah
Green, Mary
Hardy, Thomas
Hart, Elizabeth
Hawkes, Margaret
Hawkes, Sarah
Hoar, Dorcas
Hobbs, Abigail
Hobbs, Deliverance
Hobbs, William
How, Elizabeth
Howard, John
Hutchins, Frances
Ireson, Mary
Jackson, John Jr.
Jackson, John Sr.
Jacobs, George Jr.
Jacobs, George Sr.
Jacobs, Margaret
Jacobs, Rebecca
Johnson, Abigail
Johnson, Elizabeth Jr.
Johnson, Elizabeth Sr.
Johnson, Rebecca Jr.
Johnson, Rebecca Sr.
Johnson, Stephen
Lacey, Mary Jr.
Lacey, Mary Sr.
Lilly, Jane
Marston, Mary
Martin, Susannah
Morey, Sarah
Nurse, Rebecca
Osburn, Sarah
Osgood, Mary
Paine, Elizabeth
Parker, Alice
Parker, Mary
Parker, Sarah
Pease, Sarah
Penny, Joan
Post, Hannah
Post, Mary
Post, Susannah
Prince, Margaret
Procter, Benjamin
Procter, Elizabeth
Procter, John
Procter, Sarah
Procter, William
Pudeator, Ann
Redd, Wilmot
Rice, Sarah
Roots, Susannah
Rowe, Abigail
Rowe, Mary
Salter, Henry
Sawdy, John
Scargen, Elizabeth
Scott, Margaret
Sears, Ann
Slue, Rachel
Soames, Abigail
Somers, Henry
Sparks, Martha
Taylor, Mary
Tookey, Job
Toothaker, Margaret
Toothaker, Mary
Toothaker, Roger
Tufts, [Negroe Woman]
Tyler, Hannah
Tyler, Johannah
Tyler, Martha
Tyler, Mary
Vincent, Rachel
Wardwell, Mercy
Wardwell, Samuel Sr.
Wardwell, Sarah
Warren, Mary
Wilds, Sarah
Wilford, Ruth
Willard, John
Wilson, Sarah Jr.
Wilson, Sarah Sr.
Witheridge, Mary


Check out Margo Burns’ People Accused of Witchcraft in 1692 list to discover what happened to each person as available in the original legal records and contemporary accounts. This is not a definitive list, since records have been lost.