Executed for Witchcraft 1692

Below are the people of Essex county, Massachusetts, who were tried by the Court of Oyer & Terminer, found guilty of witchcraft, and executed in 1692. 

10 June 1692

Bridget (Playfer) (Wasselbee) (Oliver) Bishop (-1692). Salem, Massachusetts.

19 July 1692

Sarah (Solarte) (Poole) Good (c1654-1692). Danvers, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth (Jackson) Howe (-1692). Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Susannah (North) Martin (1621-1692). Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Rebecca (Towne) Nurse (1621-1692). Danvers, Massachusetts.

Sarah (Averill) Wildes (1627-1692). Topsfield, Massachusetts.

19 August 1692

Rev. George Burroughs (c1650-1692). Wells, Maine.

Martha (Allen) Carrier (-1692). Andover/Billerica, Massachusetts.

George Jacobs Sr. (1609?-1692). Danvers, Massachusetts.

John Proctor (c1632-1692). Peabody, Massachusetts.

John Willard (-1692). Danvers, Massachusetts.

19 September 1692

Giles Corey (1619?-1692). Peabody, Massachusetts. Pressed to death.

22 September 1692

Martha (–) Corey (-1692). Peabody, Massachusetts.

Mary (Towne) Estey (1634-1692). Topsfield, Massachusetts.

Alice (–) Parker (-1692). Salem, Massachusetts.

Mary (Ayer) Parker (c1631-1692). Andover, Massachusetts.

Ann (–) (Greenslit) Pudeator (-1692). Salem, Massachusetts.

Wilmot (–) Redd (-1692). Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Margaret (Stephenson) Scott (-1692). Rowley, Massachusetts.

Samuel Wardwell (1643-1692). Andover, Massachusetts.